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Whatmakes our pizza different?

Our pizza ovens and sauces of course!
One of the most unique things about our restaurant is that we have used 1958 Baker’s Pride ovens to cook our pizzas for over 30 years. These vintage ovens came out of an authentic pizzeria in Little Italy, New York City. The well-seasoned slate stones give each pizza’s crust perfect taste and texture. It’s safe to say, that over a billion pies have been cooked in our ovens for our loyal customers.


WeSpecialize in 30 different Craft Beers

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Wecan make your pizza,

just the way you like it.

Each pizza is hand rolled and tossed to perfection. Our dough and sauces are made fresh daily by the same recipes handed down for many years. We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients for our handcrafted pizzas.

OurSpecialty Pizzas

customer favorites

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Wehave many other Italian favorites

Including Vegetarian


If you are not in the mood for one of our Gourmet pizzas, try one of our signature Calzones.


We own it

New York Pizza is independently owned and operated. We were the first restaurant in Edgewood and as such, we have been able to watch Edgewood grow into a vibrant and unique part of our great city. Over the past 10 years in particular, it has been extremely satisfying to see other businesses learn what we have known since 1982: that Edgewood is a dynamic and tight knit community and one that is continuing to thrive and grow.

Over the years, many people have asked our family what it takes to have longevity in the restaurant business and we believe the answer is these three things: serving the highest quality food, treating each and every customer how we would like to be treated, and the third and most important is having great and loyal customers. We would not have been able to accomplish all that we have without such wonderful and loyal customers.



Built in 1921

We are a family friendly restaurant and believe that everyday each customer invests a little bit into our business, so we decided years ago to invest in the great Edgewood neighborhood by purchasing our own building. Our building, built in 1921, gives us room for large parties, a game room for kids, and a beautiful bar with 21 draft beers on tap. Because we are the only restaurant in Edgewood to own our own building, this insures that we will remain a constant fixture in Edgewood for another 35 great years.

  • The WTC and Statue of Liberty pizzas are my faves.  Everything isresh.  Improved selection of beer taps, too.  This is my favorite pizza on this side of the mountain.
    Steven Young
  • Best pizza anywhere. Greatest place in 1982 when I was in high school 35 years later the pizza and calazones are still the best anywhere.
    Leighann Denison
  • Some of the most delicious pizza you can get in the Birmingham area, warm, friendly atmosphere, down-to-earth staff, great selection on draft beer. Why go anywhere else? It has quickly become one of my most favorite places to eat and just hang out. If you want to have a good time and eat some good food I highly suggest coming to New York Pizza
    Zack Edmonds
  • Incredible pizza! Hands down some of the best ingredients used in their pizzas! Highly recommended and highly recommend ordering the "Little Italy" on whole wheat! Get this every time! You will love it! My wife has been going here since middle school, and we have to go here every time we pass through Bham!
    Joseph W
  • I have ALWAYS had a great experience here.
    Jon Ledbetter
  • Try there "Statue of Liberty" pizza with pineapples, you wouldn't want anything else!
    Evelyna D
  • Best pizza and staff in Alabama!!!!
    Carrie Harville
  • I have been eating at New York Pizza since at least 1992 and it still remains my favorite pizza place in the Birmingham area. For years I ate the Harlem, and it still remains my favorite, but in the past few years they have added some great new combinations. The Buffalo, NY that comes with grilled chicken in buffalo sauce, peppers & cheddar cheese runs a close second for me. I also enjoy the Fire Island Pizza with Mexican style chorizo sausage or the Central Park with an olive oil sauce that give this pizza a completely different taste. I can't say how many people I've got hooked on New York Pizza, but you will not be let down when you give them a try.
    Russell Gann